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Bessie Sauvignon Blanc

No bull can live on its own, and when we decided that Spijker needed a partner, the first name that came to mind was Bessie, the favourite cow of our neighbours, Hennie and Theresa, on whose property we make the wine.

Bessie is well-known for her calf-producing abilities, and she has since taken on the responsibility of mothering our very own herd of “besies” (calves), who now graze nearby where we live.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favourite white grape varieties, and including it in Bessie was an obvious choice for me.

The grapes, sourced from the Bottelary Hills’ southern slopes, yield a wine with a tropical fruit profile.

On the nose, it’s crisp, fresh, and zippy, with notes of fynbos herbaceousness and newly cut grass. The rich and generous mid palate bursts with flavours of grenadella, litchees, and melons.

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